Chipotle Pickle-In-A-Pouch

Van Holten’s has introduced its new No. 6 Jumbo Chipotle pickle-in-a-pouch to wholesalers and retailers nationwide. Like all of Van Holten’s pickles the chipotle flavor is packaged individually in a stand up pouch and has a two-year shelf life, with no refrigeration required. The new flavor combines the bold spice and smokiness of chipotle peppers into a pickle. Plus, the new impulse-oriented packaging design makes chipotle, and other Van Holten’s pickle flavors pop off the shelf. Van Holten’s plans to offer three sizes of grab-and-go chipotle pickles in its core brand packaging; the No. 4 Large, No. 6 Jumbo and No. 9 Super Jumbo. The No. 4 Large and No. 9 Super Jumbo are available now. Products are shipped in easy-to-merchandise tear away cases that hold 12 pouches of pickles.
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  1. Nevatim38 says:

    I cant seem to find the chipolte pickle anymore.  I live in San Antonio Texas.   Valero used to sell them but they do not seem to have them anymore.  Send me some, I promise I will buy them when I can find them.  You provide a fantastic product.  Good Luck…..

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