Shell And Excentus Join To Offer Fuel Discounts

Gas station customers can look forward to cents-per-gallon fuel discounts at participating Shell stations nation-wide.

Shell and Excentus, a provider of marketing programs and services using cents-per-gallon fuel discounts as the ultimate consumer reward, have announced the nationwide expansion of their alliance through an exclusive, long-term strategic deal.

The relationship between Shell and Excentus aims to introduce the first U.S. national reward program where consumers can earn cents-per-gallon discounts redeemable exclusively at participating Shell stations. The consumer loyalty program is expected to allow millions of consumers to save money on high-quality Shell fuels, including Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines and Shell Diesel.

“This deal represents a unique opportunity for Shell, Shell wholesalers and Shell consumers nationwide and will ensure Shell maintains its market-leading position and pace of unprecedented growth in the U.S.  Although we cannot at this point disclose specifics of our plans, I am confident what we introduce will revolutionize fuel site marketing,” said David Bunch, general manager, Shell Retail Marketing for North America.

Excentus has worked closely with Shell over the past couple of years “to successfully overcome many of the challenges we have encountered growing our fuel marketing network,” said Dickson Perry, founder and CEO of Excentus. “Having a partner with the breadth and capabilities of Shell fits perfectly with our future plans for leveraging our cents-per-gallon intellectual property and capabilities to deliver the ultimate consumer reward to millions of U.S. consumers.”

“The partnership provides us the opportunity to deliver on commitments to our existing fuelperks! program participants, while providing the platform to grow the network in conjunction with Shell’s outstanding brand and quality products,” added Brandon Logsdon, president and chief operating officer of Excentus.


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