Coconut Twix

Escape to the tropics with the island flair of new Twix Coconut Cookie Bars. Just in time for Easter and summer, this new limited-edition item combines the sweet, exotic taste of coconut blended into Twix Brand caramel, atop a crisp cookie bar, coated with milk chocolate. The product features bright, beach-themed packaging and eye-catching displays featuring island imagery. Twix Coconut Cookie Bars are expected to be a sales oasis for retailers since coconut/chocolate items score well with consumers. Figures show that sales of coconut/chocolate items are up 29% year-to-date and growing at 4.7 times the category, according to IRI Infosource for the 52 weeks ended May, 23, 2010. Plus, research suggests that Twix Coconut will drive new users to the Twix Brand. The suggested retail price is 89 cents for a 1.79-ounce single pack (comprised of two Twix Bars.)
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  1. Why is the Coconut Twix made in Russia? We all out of it here? It’s not even physical coconut, just flavor…

  2. Please… please…….. please……………do NOT stop making the coconut Twix candy bars. It is one of the best………if not ‘thee’ best candy bars anyone has ever made, in my opinon ! They are just delicious ! It scares me when I see the words, ‘limited-edition’ ! I have gone to the store twice now and bought 9-12 bars at a time……….because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get them anymore !

    • Just wondering where you found and purchased Twix Coconut? I’ve been looking for weeks but the grocery and convenience stores in my area don’t carry it.

  3. When candy starts to be made in another country is the time I stop buying it. I have nothing against any country where something is made, but we all know the reason behind companies moving out of the US; profits. Their reasoning is most of us won’t care where it’s made and we’ll just keep buying it.

    Americans only react to big things, but never small things. If someone in Washington “wasted” a million dollars, the American people would want this persons head on a platter. But if one million people wasted one dollar, nobody would even know about it. But it’s still a million dollars either way.

    And that’s how big things chance; a little bit at a time, so by the time anyone notices, it’s too late.

    I think the coconut Twix it good, but it’s candy; not a necessity.
    Except maybe if your pjklatt. 🙂

  4. Liz stephens says:

     please let me know where i can go  to buy the coconut twix. i absolutely love them !!!!!!!!!! i have been to over 20 different stores to find them and no noe has them. we need them back in stores asap….. thanks 🙂 

  5. Lizardstep1 says:

     hahahaha … i meant no one has them 🙂

  6. Where can I purchase the new Twix Coconut Bar in Northeast Ohio?

  7. Vbutler1121 says:

    I Had coconut twix in Hawaii, and now I’m dying and want them to be made in Michigan, PLEASE!!!!! YUM

    • Srsmitley says:

      found them in Michigan at CVS over the summer.  I scout them all the time to find them.  The store clerks told me it was just a summer thing

  8. If anybody is interested i have a couple of the coconut twix for sale just email me at

  9. OKY, it’s March…almost Easter…PLEASE bring them back!!!!!

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