IDDBA Reviews Purchasing Behavior in the Deli

Deli shoppers include the quality-driven, convenience-driven and health-conscious consumer.

The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) has released a new deli benchmark study, Consumers in the Deli: Attitudes, Buying Behavior & Purchase Drivers.

The new report updates the last study published in 2004 and determines the degree to which customers are changing eating behavior or tastes and how much is influenced by economic factors. Additionally, to validate how the economy continues to affect consumer attitudes, a series of questions from last year’s New Value Shopper study was asked again.

Three distinct shopper clusters based on attitudes and buying behavior were identified, including quality-driven, convenience-driven and health-conscious customers. Each customer cluster visits the deli for different reasons, and the study identified the unique purchase drivers for each group.

The report looked into price/value and price perceptions, communication channels consumers use for meal planning, shopping, etc.; whether customers are saving money by preparing food at home/entertaining at home; dietary concerns and how they influence food purchases; food trends; primary reasons for shopping in-store service and self-service delis; the importance of 18 deli services and characteristics; and whether customers are buying more or less from delis than two years ago.

The consumer survey assessed demographic and economic data for 4,000 respondents and specific deli shopping behavior and preference information from 2,000 respondents.  The 2010 responses were compared with studies done five, 10, and 15 years ago.  Purchase behavior data are broken out by eating occasion and purchase and consumption locations.  The Deli report analyzes consumption and purchasing data for 39 products and includes 143 tables.

Consumers in the Deli: Attitudes, Buying Behavior, & Purchase Drivers and other IDDBA research projects are available for purchase.  The cost is $395 each for members and $795 each for non-members, plus shipping and handling.  For more information, or to order, call the IDDBA Education Department at (608) 310-5000 or visit the Web site,


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