Remke bigg’s, Speedway Partner To Offer Fuel Rewards

“Our partnership with Speedway provides customers with 87 convenient locations in which to save at the pump,” says Remke bigg’s president.

Remke bigg’s, a grocer with 14 stores throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati,  and Speedway are partnering to help customers save on fuel with Pump Perks fuel rewards program.

The Pump Perks program, along with the Speedy Rewards Card, helps shoppers save on fuel at Speedway locations when they shop at Remke bigg’s.

Pump Perks is a program that was established by bigg’s, along with fuel partner Sunoco, in 2008. Remke Markets continued Pump Perks at the seven Ohio bigg’s stores the company purchased last March, and later adopted the program within its Turfway Remke bigg’s location.

The new program, which launched on Feb. 14, is bigger and better than ever because Pump Perks is now available at all 14 Remke bigg’s locations, and shoppers can earn discounts on gas at more than 87 Greater Cincinnati Speedway locations.

Customers can earn fuel discounts and pay as little as 10 cents a gallon for their gas.

“We think our shoppers will love the new Pump Perks program,” said Matthew Remke, president of Remke bigg’s. “Our partnership with Speedway provides customers with 87 convenient locations in which to save at the pump, and about half of those Speedway stores are within just a few miles of our Remke bigg’s stores. It’s simple to sign up.  It’s an easy way to save on gas and now customers at all 14 of our stores can take advantage of the program.”

How Pump Perks works:First, customers link their current Remke bigg’s card to a new or existing Speedy Rewards card from Speedway. Remke bigg’s and Speedy Rewards cards can be obtained at any Remke bigg’s or Speedway location. Then customers use their Remke bigg’s card when they shop at any of the 14 Remke bigg’s store to earn Pump Perks discounts. Lastly, when filling up their car at their local Speedway, customers use their Speedy Rewards Card at the Speedway pump to apply their discounts and roll back the price of fuel.

All Pump Perks earned before Feb. 14 at any participating Remke bigg’s store were discounts earned on fuel at Sunoco. Customers may redeem those Sunoco discounts at Sunoco and will have until March 31, 2011 to do so. All Pump Perks earned after Feb. 14 are earned as discounts at Speedway.

Customers who currently have Remke bigg’s or Speedway cards do NOT need new cards.  They just need to link these cards to enroll in the program.  Remke bigg’s associates will assist customers at their stores, or customers can enroll at or at the in-store loyalty kiosks inside Greater Cincinnati Speedway stores.


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