Thorntons Launches ‘Gas Price Text Alerts’

New text message program from Thorntons helps customers save on gas.

Thorntons Inc. is helping customers get a ‘jump on the pump’ before fuel prices change and giving them the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel costs, with the launch of a new text messaging program, Thorntons Gas Price Alerts.

The Thorntons Gas Price Alerts Program is extremely user-friendly and is adaptable to any mobile device. Once you’re signed up, a text message is sent immediately to your mobile device before gas prices are about to rise in your market. Gas Price Alert text messages will be sent to participants each and every time Thorntons is notified of a confirmed increase in fuel prices of more than .10 cents per gallon. Thus, giving customers time to visit their local Thorntons to grab a few gallons, fill up the tank, or simply ‘top off’.

According to the latest U.S. Consumer Price Index Summary, gasoline prices have risen 13.4% in the past 12 months. Yet with the constant instability of fuel prices, Thorntons is committed more than ever to keeping its customers informed, while saving them dollars every time they visit the Thorntons pump.

“Thorntons Gas Price Alerts text messaging program is an exciting addition to our ongoing menu of cost-saving initiatives, and we consistently share this with our customers,” states Matt Thornton, president & CEO. “This new feature will inform our customers of relevant information that affects their fuel purchasing decisions, and we will continue to provide the value that Thorntons is known for.”

There are three easy ways to sign up for Thorntons Gas Price Alerts:

Text the words for your area to 313131; see list below (e.g., if you live in Louisville or Southern Indiana, you would text LOUGPA to 313131); Visit Thorntons’ Website at;  or call (866) 473-0017, and press Option 4 and follow the prompts.

Text codes for participating markets are as follows: Lexington KY – LEXGPA, Louisville KY/Southern Indiana – LOUGPA, Indianapolis IN – INDGPA, Terra Haute IN – THIGPA, Evansville IN – EINGPA, Springfield IL – SPRGPA, Peoria IL – PEOGPA, Bloomington IL – BLOGPA, Lincoln IL – LINGPA, Decatur IL – DECGPA, Champaign/Savoy IL – CHAGPA, Streator/Ottawa IL – STRGPA, Chicago IL – CHIGPA, Cincinnati OH – CINGPA, Columbus OH – COLGPA, Tennessee – TENGPA.


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