Circle K Elevates Xenergy To A National Brand

Now at least three different varieties of XYIENCE’s Xenergy are planned for each region where Circle K operates, catering to local taste preferences.

Circle K has sealed an agreement with XYIENCE, elevating its energy drink brand Xenergy to national status and giving it potential access to all 4,200 locations of the convenience store chain.

The agreement comes on the heels of XYIENCE Canada renewing its agreement with Couche-Tard, the parent company of Circle K and Mac’s, as a national brand in Canada as well.

To gain national U.S. recognition, XYIENCE, maker of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), built on its existing two-year relationship with Circle K. The new agreement assures placement of Xenergy beverages in U.S. Circle K stores.

XYIENCE has been a national brand for Circle K in Canada (where it does business as Couche Tard and Mac’s) since 2010.

Specific XYIENCE products offered at Circle K will vary by region, according to local tastes. Each region will carry a minimum of three different varieties (in any combination) of XYIENCE’s Xenergy Xtreme and Xenergy Premium beverages. Zero sugar and all-natural flavors distinguish Xenergy – which was developed in 2006 by XYIENCE, a nutrition company for athletes and fitness enthusiasts – from similar products.

“As we continue to progress as a company, we’re getting national authorizations with various chains. Having Circle K recognize XYIENCE as a brand it wants in its stores coast-to-coast truly cements our status as a national player and underscores the significance of what we’re accomplishing in 2011,” says Reuben Rios, XYIENCE’s vice president of U.S. sales.


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