Hutchens Petroleum Launches Tanker Truck Advertising

Images on tanker trucks promote “Fueling Your Life” and supporting the community.

Fuel supplier Hutchens Petroleum has launched a new advertising campaign prominently displayed on its fleet of tanker trucks.

The tankers are brightly wrapped with images of Hutchens Petroleum fueling the life of local communities from southern Virginia to the Piedmont Triangle of North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The back panels of the tankers urge support of three charities, which are important to both the company and the local community: The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Wounded Warriors Project (WWP).

Joining Hutchens Petroleum in its ongoing effort to support the community is CITGO Petroleum Corp., the largest corporate supporter of MDA and supplier of fuel and lubricants distributed by Hutchens Petroleum.

“With our trucks covering hundreds of thousands of miles each year between Virginia and North Carolina, we wanted to find a way to really make them memorable for people,” said Tim Hutchens, president of Hutchens Petroleum. “The side panels show families enjoying their lives and engaging in activities that are fueled by the quality products transported by Hutchens Petroleum trucks or made possible by the wide range of services we offer. As a local company in a small community, we are committed to giving back and helping those in need. That is why we chose to recognize our three charities and the impact they have on our customers.”

Already the company has received positive feedback from people who have seen the tankers out on the road, helping to raise the profile of the company, along with the three partner charities.

Hutchens Petroleum has always played an active role in the communities it serves, from local schools to local charities and fundraising events. The new tanker advertising campaign is the first step in a coordinated 2011 campaign to support the MDA, Susan G. Komen and the Wounded Warriors Project, which provides assistance to injured and disabled service men and women. Hutchens Petroleum is also planning events throughout the year to raise funds and gain exposure for these organizations.

“We knew our new campaign would attract a lot of attention, so we thought what better way to publicize not only our company, but also organizations that are near and dear to our employees and the local communities we serve,” continued Tim Hutchens. “We decided to really make an impact by focusing on these three organizations. We are expanding our work with MDA and Susan G. Komen, and working with the Wounded Warriors Project as a way to honor the men and women who are serving our country.”

For more than 35 years, Hutchens Petroleum has been serving the Stuart, Virginia region with heating oil and kerosene. Over the years, the company has grown its product lines to include gasoline, diesel fuels, heavy-duty lubricants, and additives. The company now supplies products to more than 70 gasoline outlets as well as Fortune 500 companies, families who rely on heating oil and agricultural customers who need to keep their equipment running well.


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