Catering To An Older Demographic

C-stores would be wise not to overlook the older generation as an important target customer, especially those in the 50+ category who have grandchildren.

The Nielsen Co. has reported new research/survey results, examining the sizeable and growing grandparent target audience, which c-store retailers should not overlook.

—Currently there are nearly 70 million grandparents in the U.S., a number that is expected to grow another 11% between now and 2015.

—Grandparent households spend 4.4% (or $300) more per year than all other households.

—Grandparents with only one grandchild spend two times more than grandparents with 2–10 grandkids.

— Nearly 40% of grandparents surveyed by Nielsen provide some support to help their grandchildren, whether it be clothing, food/beverages, education expenses or daycare costs.

—Grandparents shop more frequently than the average consumer.

—At Supercenters, warehouse clubs, dollar stores and convenience/gas chains grandparents spend more than average compared to non-grandparent households.

— With more free time on their hands, grandparents shop more frequently than the average consumer.

—Older customers are digital savvy too. In December 2010, Nielsen reported consumers aged 50+ in the U.S. comprised roughly one-third (32%) of the active Internet audience on average—taking into account usage at both home and work locations, and spent nearly 62 hours online in that month. What’s more, 82% of grandparents find sending and receiving email fast and easy. Which is great news for c-stores running email campaigns.

—Mobile phone usage, while significantly lower for consumers aged 65+ compared to the younger generations, is growing on a monthly basis. They made 104 calls, but only sent or received 41 text messages.


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