7-Eleven Adds BAZI Natural Energy Shots

BAZI Natural Energy Shots, which offer both nutrition through superfruit extracts and an energy boost, debut on c-store shelves.

7-Eleven, starting this March, is adding BAZI Natural Energy Shots to its energy shot lineup.

“7-Eleven is our first retailer in the convenience store channel,” said Debbie Wildrick, BAZI’s sales and marketing executive vice president. “Because BAZI’s product offers energy plus nutrition in a powerful blend of eight superfruit extracts, we expect to attract new customers to the energy category.  Consumers are accustomed to buying shots in convenience stores and know they can find new and unique products at 7-Eleven locations.”

BAZI will be sold in participating stores as a part of 7-Eleven’s spring and summer program.

Kevin Sherman, CEO of BAZI, added, “This partnership is very important to BAZI and the growth of our brand in 2011.”

Based in Dallas, 7-Eleven Inc. operates, franchises and licenses more than 7,100 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Of the nearly 6,100 stores the company operates and franchises in the United States, more than 4,800 are franchised.



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