Scotsman Introduces “Luv the Nug”

Campaign connects customers via their love of nugget ice, and helps them locate places that offer Scotsman nugget ice.

Ice-chewing fanatics love nugget ice, The Original Chewable Ice invented by Scotsman Ice Systems, and the company is celebrating with a new “Luv the Nug” campaign, a digital community that unites passionate ice chewers everywhere.

Found online at, on the Luv the Nug Facebook page and on Twitter @LuvtheNug, this interactive program invites “nug” lovers to join the “Nugget Nation,” where they can interact with others who share their passion for ice chewing.

The campaign includes the Nug Truck, a Luv-the-Nug-branded truck serving nugget ice at locations across the country in 2011, while tweeting its adventures on Twitter @TheNugTruck.

“While avid ice chewers shared their love for nugget ice through thousands of tweets and status updates and hundreds of groups on Facebook, they were fragmented across social media,” said Terry Toth, marketing communications manager at Scotsman Ice Systems. “With Luv the Nug, Scotsman—the North American market leader in nugget ice machines—is bringing this diverse community together through the Nugget Nation.”

In addition to social media elements and the Nug Truck, one of the key components of the Luv the Nug campaign is a contest. By submitting a “nug moment” on, one lucky resident of the Nugget Nation is going to “Win the Nug” and receive a Scotsman under-counter nugget ice machine.

The Luv the Nug Website features:

· Visitors with a craving for nugget ice can “Find the Nug,” a feature that enables them to input their zip code and find the nearest restaurants, conveniences stores or other locations with a Scotsman nugget ice machine.

· Customers can request nugget ice at their favorite eateries using the “Demand the Nug” feature. Users simply print out the Luv the Nug petition, sign and drop off at their favorite establishments. Owners can then contact Scotsman for information about purchasing a nugget ice machine.

· The “Share the Nug” feature enables ice chewers to get to know members of the Nugget Nation. They can peruse nug moments submitted by other users and keep up with what’s going on with Luv the Nug and the Nug Truck on Twitter through live feeds.

· For those who want to learn more, “Know the Nug” explains a brief history of nugget ice, starting with the ice age, up to the invention of nugget ice by Scotsman in 1981.

“This year, Scotsman celebrates the 30th anniversary of the invention of nugget ice, and the Luv the Nug campaign is the perfect way to commemorate this iconic ice form,” Toth said.

The secret of nugget ice is the unique ice-making process that compresses flake ice into an easy-on-the-teeth nugget.

Join the Nugget Nation and enter for a chance to win a nugget ice machine now at Keep up with the latest news on Twitter @LuvtheNug and @TheNugTruck, and on the Luv the Nug Facebook page.


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