NATSO Elects 2011 Chairman

Robert Berkstresser succeeds Scott Paulson as chairman of the NATSO board of directors.

NATSO, the national trade association representing truckstops and travel plazas, has named Robert Berkstresser, owner of Lee Hi Travel Plaza and White’s Travel Center, as its 2011-2012 chairman of the board.

Berkstresser, who succeeds Scott Paulson as chairman of the board, has served on the NATSO Board of Directors since 2008, and has been an active member in the organization since 1991.

Berkstresser takes the helm of the NATSO Board at a time when a number of state legislatures are pressuring Congress to overturn the federal prohibition on commercial services at rest areas. Allowing states to sell food, fuel and other retail services at interstate rest areas would devastate the thousands of businesses nationwide that operate near the interstate and the small-town communities they support.

The truckstop and travel plaza industry also is tackling such critically important issues as the future of highway funding and rising interchange fees.

Berkstresser is committed to helping the truckstop and travel plaza industry face the challenges of today while building better businesses for tomorrow.

“The new year brings new opportunities, and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of serving as NATSO’s chairman,” Berkstresser said. “I look forward to tackling the challenges facing the truckstop and travel plaza industry and helping my fellow business owners and operators to succeed.”

Berkstresser began his career in the truckstop business in 1981, when he purchased Lee Hi Travel Plaza. Previously, Berkstresser owned a towing and road-service business. In 2010, Berkstresser purchased White’s Travel Center, which he recently updated and re-opened.

Paulson, owner of Silco Oil, now serves aschairman of NATSO’s Steering Council Committee.



  1. R. Scott Chamberlain says:

    As a young professional in the travel industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bobby and his wonderful staff. I’ve seen his remarkable ability to absorb shocks, to recover, and to continue to grow in a down economy. His success is the sum of his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to tolerate and embrace technological and economic change.

    Congratulations Bobby on your latest achievement. I wish you all the best and offer my support in the year to come.

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