Pacific Convenience & Fuels Locations For Sale

Some 94 retail petroleum properties in 13 states are available to buyers interested in purchasing some or all of the assets.

Pacific Convenience & Fuels LLC has selected real estate services and investment firm Grubb & Ellis Co.’s Petroleum Services Group to market 94 retail petroleum assets located across 13 states.

The Petroleum Services Group is being led by vice president Timothy Haves, who is working in conjunction with William Trefethen of Trefethen Advisors LLC on the disposition assignment, which includes convenience stores, fueling stations, closed sites with fueling capacity and land banks.

“This is a unique portfolio of excellently located properties that is geared toward buyers dedicated to the retail petroleum industry,” said Haves.

The assets are located in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, South Carolina, Georgia, Montana, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Utah, North Carolina and Texas.  Interested buyers have the option to purchase a portion of the portfolio or to acquire it as a whole.

“The disposition of this portfolio is part of an overall strategy to position Pacific Convenience & Fuels as a strong competitor in the markets we service,” said Sam Hirbod, president and CEO of Pacific Convenience & Fuels.

For more information, contact Haves at (949) 608-2027, or go to



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