Gaining More Sales Right From The Pump

Vendgogh LLC, a provider of integrated gas island vending solutions has agreed to integrate its innovative vending solution with VeriFone Systems Inc. point of sale (POS) solutions. Through the integration, convenience store customers to sell cold drinks and gas to customers at the pump with a single swipe of their credit card.

This new initiative will enable VeriFone’s Ruby SuperSystem and Topaz POS systems, and the Sapphire site controller, to operate seamlessly with Vendgogh’s integrated gas island vending solution.  Together they expect to enable convenience store retailers to extend additional services to their gas island customers while driving incremental sales of cold drinks, increasing customer loyalty and growing their overall store revenue and profit.

“We are excited to support this innovative new vending solution that will allow convenience store customers to raise the standard for gas island convenience buying,” said Dan Yienger, VeriFone’s vice president of petroleum sales. “The time is right for this type of innovation that helps customers grow their businesses and provided increased convenience to consumers.”

The initial release of this integrated offering is planned for the summer of 2011.

“We are excited to be working with a market leader like VeriFone to transform the gas island into a buying zone,” said Vendgogh’s vice president of business development, Larry McAnallen.  “We look forward to working together toward a new era of gas island vending.”

Research has shown that 70% or more of convenience store customers buy only gas.  Convenience store owners continually look for new and innovative ways to draw customers into the store.  The VeriFone-Vendgogh integration is designed to help retailers focus more on the gas customer, their specific buying preferences and their overall buying experience.


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