Tedeschi Enters Commissary Business

Tedeschi Food Shops has acquired DSD1, the local start-up commissary that produces the chain’s signature TD’s Deli packaged fresh food line.

DSD1 will now be known as “Tedeschi Fresh Foods” and will be a subsidiary of Tedeschi Food Shops.

Nearly two years ago, Tedeschi Food Shops engaged DSD1 to develop and distribute a new fresh sandwich and meal line that would carry the TD’s Deli logo.  After a widely successful pilot in 25 locations, the company methodically ramped up the program that currently services nearly 150 of its 188 locations.  When added to the 21 Tedeschi Food Shops locations that offer full-service deli programs, the Tedeschi Food Shops portfolio now offers exceptional quality sandwich and food service programs in 90% of its locations.

Excellence in food service is critical to the future success and viability of Tedeschi Food Shops as well as the convenience store industry.  This acquisition fits into Tedeschi’s short, mid, and long-term strategic objectives and has allowed the company to consolidate control of its food service offerings.

“We will leverage the experience that we gain in distribution from our commissary to help us achieve several of our corporate and retail agility objectives,” said Peter Tedeschi, president and CEO.  This involves initiatives ranging from “time to market” to economics associated with the delivery of products to stores.

Tedeschi Food Shops Inc. operates 189 convenience store locations throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Tedeschi Food Shops prides itself on providing its customers with a family of quality proprietary brands: TD’s Deli and TD’s Deli Always Fresh To Go, Tedeschi Select, and Tedeschi Fuel.


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