CSD Partners with MSA and Paradigm Sample

In our ongoing effort to provide the most relevant and timely industry data, Convenience Store Decisions has reached a deal to serve as the excusive media sponsor of the new Convenience Consumer Insights Panel (cciPanel) launched last month by Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA) and Paradigm Sample.

The cciPanel is the consumer research field’s first mobile panel designed to capture sales information from hard-to-reach 18-34-year-olds in particular, who make up the majority of convenience store shoppers, but are less prone to participate on panels or answer landline surveys.

The service employs cutting-edge smartphone technology in breakthrough applications as a means to recruit c-store shoppers as panel participants and link them to Web-enabled questionnaires for recording their purchases and insights.

“The Convenience Consumer Insights mobile panel is the newest technique to gather the consumer information that marketers and product developers need to drive their strategic planning and decision making for convenience and other immediate consumption channels,” said Suzy Silliman, managing director of MSA’s Information Management Solutions Division. “As the industry continues to focus on efficient assortment aligned to consumer needs, it is essential to better understand c-store consumers. Only then can manufacturers develop programs tied to consumer needs so the industry can achieve maximum efficiency and growth.”

The cci Panel marries Paradigm Sample’s thought leadership and innovation in market research data collection with the demand-chain shipments data MSA manages for leading CPG manufacturers, as well as with MSA’s world-class panel analytics. The channel data will give MSA clients a leg up in identifying optimal stores.

Paradigm Sample is driving the development of mobile panels for connecting with consumers. “This is one of the most difficult audiences to reach and understand,” said Sima Vasa, CEO of Paradigm Sample. “The new cci Panel provides critical insight into the changing consumer within the convenience store. Because we reach consumers with a technology they like, it drives higher completion rates and a very responsive panel. Our panel approach, combined with MSA’s panel analytical applications, will provide world-class solutions for consumer packaged goods’ marketers.”

Targeted ResultsIndependent of sales performance data, MSA will bring to the panel targeted analyses regarding:

* In-store experiences
* Advertising awareness
* Trial and repeat likelihoods
* Brand switching rationale
* Product and retailer satisfaction
* Verification of products and displays in stores

As part of the partnership, Convenience Store Decisions will receive exclusive convenience shopper insights on a regular basis, keeping readers in tune to immediate-consumption purchase decisions and how to influence them.

On a quarterly basis, Convenience Store Decisions and the cciPanel will field questions and report on convenience consumer attitudes and behaviors. To help ensure the insights are relevant and actionable, the cciPanel will leverage expertise and guidance from Convenience Store Decisions’ National Advisory Group (NAG) and its members.

Look for the first installment of cciPanel insights in Convenience Store Decisions’ February issue.
“We are extremely proud to be partnering with MSA and Paradigm Sample,” said John Lofstock, editor-in-chief and editorial director for The Convenience Store Decisions Group. “Both of these groups offer world-class analysis and have shown a unique ability to deliver the timely, relevant data retailers and manufacturers need to grow their businesses. I expect the cciPanel to yield immediate results for our readers and the industry.”

For four decades MSA has given market leaders a competitive edge in data management, advanced analytics and technology. It works with 13 of the top 15 consumer packaged goods manufacturers and suppliers to the convenience channel across the tobacco, beverage, candy and snacks, beer and non-alcohol categories.

Paradigm Sample specializes in hard-to-reach audiences and is experienced in online and mobile panels. The company is driving mobile panel development and data collection innovation with MobilePulse, its real-time data collection capability.


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