7-Eleven Expands in Manhattan

7-Eleven’s c-store franchise is taking New York by storm, with plans to operate some 100 stores in Manhattan by the year 2015, the International Business Times reported.

At present 7-Eleven operates a mere 10 locations in Manhattan and expects to reach 15-20 locations over the next two years, before soaring to the 100 mark.

“We do see a tremendous amount of opportunity in Manhattan,” said 7-Eleven’s public relations director Margaret Chabris. “I believe that we would like to have 100 stores in Manhattan but I can’t confirm whether that’s going to happen over the next five years.”

Chabris was quoted as saying the company sought to expand in Manhattan because “a lot more desirable locations are available… because many businesses have had to retract because of the recession.”

7-Eleven reportedly is converting existing small businesses into 7-11 franchise models. It is estimated to cost a quarter of a million dollars to remodel each locale.


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