Toot’n Totum Debuts New Prototype Design

CBX, a strategic branding and retail design consultancy, has completed a new prototype design for Toot’n Totum, a 62-unit privately held convenience store/gasoline retailer based in Amarillo, Texas.

The fast-track design, which debuted November 2010 in Amarillo, is housed in a newly built facility. CBX completed a new identity for the store and Toot’n Totum’s new private label fuel brand, as well as a complete interior décor package with elements that can be rolled out to future sites.

The 3,500-square-foot store and eight-pump fuel center is situated at the intersection of Hollywood and Coulter, just off an interchange of Interstate 27. CBX’s design takes full advantage of the highly visible site with a bright and sleek interior punctuated with bold graphics and Toot’n Totum’s signature red accented with green.

The well-lighted building aims to beckon fuel customers from the road. The canopy carries a redesigned and highly stylized Toot’n Totum logo that was completely reworked as part of CBX’s assignment. Rather than spelling out “Toot’n Totum” as in the past, the new logo has been distilled to a single “T” encircled by horizontal lines that suggest high energy, ease and speed. The illuminated stylized “T” accompanies the Toot’n Totum name on both the gas canopy and storefront at the site, the first of several new locations expected to feature the chain’s private label gasoline.

The company currently has four sites in various stages of planning or development, one of which will also incorporate a car wash and lube center.

Inside, customers will again encounter the redesigned logo. Here, as a repeating patterned wall treatment, the logo draws attention to the store’s expansive self-service fountain beverage area. Cold beer to-go can be found in the enlarged, though sleek, cooler area, located across the store from the fountain beverage bar. In addition to the logo and graphics, CBX ‘s new décor package for Toot’n Totum employs white painted metal merchandise fixtures that suggest cleanliness and enables the store’s selection of snacks to pop. Customers can also find a range of “Hot’n Fresh” foods near one of the store’s two entrances.

“The design centers around the new private label gasoline for passing motorists, but not at the expense of Toot’n Totum’s reputation as a quick-and-easy retail venue that delivers classic c-store goods such as fresh household staples, cold beverages, snacks and hot grilled items for locals,” said Ralph Sloan, senior partner, Retail at CBX. The new location also features another first for Toot’n Totum stores—a separate entrance created for non-fuel customers stopping for pantry basics.

In addition to the new locations under development, a phased rollout of the new design is expected to follow in remodels of Toot’n Totum’s portfolio of stores found in the Amarillo market. Presently, Toot’n Totum’s retail group, which grew from a number of acquisitions, represents a number of national petroleum brands from Shell to Phillips. The chain’s existing stores range from 1,500 square feet to more than 3,000 square feet.

“We have received great feedback from the public on our new look, beginning with the grand opening celebration when community and business leaders complimented us on the design of the store and overall site, as well as the new logo,” said Greg Mitchell, Toot’n Totum president. “The store’s striking lighting and open feeling send a strong, welcoming invitation to residents of this area’s many new housing developments, as well as those commuting to, from and through Amarillo via the interstate.”

He added, “During the design process, we found CBX to be in the vanguard of innovative imaging, capturing exactly the look we envisioned, both on-time and on-budget. Not only were they highly creative in their approach to our new look, they were equally skilled in designing a retrofit to accommodate our existing 61 stores. CBX exhibited an advanced degree of competency combined with an unequalled approach to client service and they will be integral to our future growth.”

Toot’n Totum operates 62 convenience stores, six lube centers, five car wash locations, and 10 Mr. Payroll stores.


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