Slurpee Goes Mobile

7-Eleven Inc.’s famous frozen, carbonated Slurpee drink now has its own application available for iPhone and Android through iTunes and Android marketplaces.

The Slurpee application makes it easy for Slurpee fans to find 7-Eleven stores to get their Slurpee fix on the road or in their own hometown. The App provides information on the nearest 7-Eleven stores and goes a step further by providing driving directions. Participants can also log which Slurpee flavors they find at each 7-Eleven store for other fans to view through the app.

The application also allows fans to enter Slurpee Nation reward codes, browse and purchase items with one touch through the Slurpee Nation rewards program, previously only available to Slurpee-lovers through

“The Slurpee App for iPhone and Android is basically a ‘thank you’ to all of our loyal Slurpee fans, who are mobile and active,” said Laura Gordon, senior brand director for Slurpee. “We want to provide fans a convenient way to find their favorite Slurpee drinks, no matter where they are, and easy access to cashing in their Slurpee Nation rewards points.”

Slurpee Nation rewards points can now be cashed in via the Slurpee App for everything from online gaming credits to video games and movie rentals in addition to The rewards program has been providing loyal Slurpee-followers with prizes since its inception in April of 2009.

“Slurpee beverages have been providing fun and refreshment for customers since 1967 and is committed to keeping up with consumer needs and changing technology,” said Gordon.  “With the new Slurpee App it is now easier for our customers to enjoy the drink and take advantage of the Slurpee Nation rewards program.”



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