Retailers Embrace New POS Technology

Ricker Oil, Open Pantry and Tri Star Energy Daily’s stores are adding LIFT Retail Marketing Technology’s LIFT station, a new suggestive selling point-of-sale (POS) technology that displays up-sell offers to customers based on what they are actively buying.

LIFT launched the new interactive system last month at the 2010 NACS Show in Atlanta.

“These convenience store operators are leaders in their respective markets and we are glad to be installing the latest generation of our LIFT Station. They understand the importance of improving in-store margin with effective up-selling. The LIFT Station helps operators by telling cashiers exactly what to say to up-sell each transaction,” said Doug Kruep, CEO and founder of LIFT. “When an item is scanned at the checkout counter, the LIFT Station performs real-time analytics, displays the most relevant up-sell offer to the shopper, and displays a selling script for the cashier. Retailers can literally present an offer to every shopper.”

“We see a terrific opportunity to offer our customers more of what they want,” said Quinn Ricker, president of Ricker Oil Co., based in Anderson, Ind. “The LIFT Station will also allow us to better deliver on our promise of fast, friendly customer service,” added Jay Ricker, chairman of Ricker Oil and former chairman of NACS.

“We are excited to be implementing this innovative technology,” said Robert Buhler, president and CEO of Open Pantry, based in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. “We have always prided ourselves in being an early adopter of technology-based solutions-like our Ring Thing loyalty program. The LIFT Station will help promote this program and enhance our customer experience through greater participation.”

LIFT will also install its suggestive selling technology in Daily’s stores-owned by Tri Star Energy, based in Nashville, Tenn. “The LIFT technology allows us to deliver stronger consumer value to every customer visiting our stores. It blends well with other targeted technology we have recently adopted. We believe it’s a great solution to an age old puzzle, and we are looking forward to full deployment in 2011,” said CEO Steven Hostetter.

The LIFT Station is connected to the POS cash register system. When an item is scanned the platform identifies the best add-on offer based on the promotional calendar, day-part, week-part, profitability, and natural purchase affinity. The LIFT Station then displays a digital ad on a shopper-facing LCD flat screen and a selling script on a cashier-facing touch screen. The LIFT Station tracks and reports key metrics on cashier performance and offer effectiveness.




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