Walgreens To Add Charging Stations

Drug store retailer Walgreens and energy company NRG Energy have teamed to deliver the first privately-funded electric vehicle network in the U.S., Energyefficiencynews.com reported.

Some 18 eVgosm high-powered rapid charging stations are scheduled to be rolled out at Walgreens stores across Houston, Texas, starting in February.

“Our neighborhood stores will be a great and convenient location for customers to recharge electric vehicles,” said Walgreens’ director of energy and sustainability Menno Enters.

NRG is also installing eVgosm charging stations in public parking facilities to provide electric vehicle charging points within 25 miles of the city centre.

The network is expected to eventually comprise over 100 charging stations, including the fast chargers that can recharge an electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes as well as Level 2 – usually residential – chargers that take 4-6 hours to repower a vehicle.

A minimum of 50 fast-charging stations are planned for  mid-next year, said NRG, which plans to invest around $10 million in the city’s charging infrastructure.

NRG is promising to announce other cities where it will roll out the eVgo charging stations early next year.

AeroViroment is set to supply, install and support the network of residential and public charging stations, providing data collection, analysis and communications.


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