McDonald’s Reports October Sales Growth

McDonald’s Corp. reported Monday across-the-board sales growth in October, fueled by a steady uptick in North America and strong worldwide demand, MarketWatch reported.

In the U.S., the fast food giant was up 5.6% on the back of the company’s Monopoly game promotion and products including Chicken McNuggets, McGriddles, and McCafe beverages. In Europe, same-store sales rose 5.8% with the help from standout markets like France, the U.K. and Russia.

“Europe’s focus on elevating the customer experience with a blend of menu variety and choice, along with updated restaurants that are more convenient and accessible, contributed to the segment’s October performance,” the company said.

McDonald’s has been a solid performer during the worldwide recession, as consumers “trade down” from more expensive restaurant fare, MarketWatch noted. It also has revamped its menu, lowering prices on some items, while adding new products and expanding opening hours. Depressed commodity and labor costs have worked to the company’s benefit as well.



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