Slurpee Goes Purple For the People

7-Eleven has wasted no time jumping on a new campaign after President Barack Obama jokingly told a Bloomberg reporter he might serve the Slurpee, during an upcoming meeting with the incoming House Speaker, Ohio Rep. John Boehner and referred to it as “a very delicious drink.”

“We are not surprised by President Obama’s comments about Slurpee, which is non-partisan and has been bringing people together for more than 40 years,” said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven, Inc.’s president and CEO.  “We have made an offer to the White House to install Slurpee machines and to host a Slurpee Summit.” 

But 7-Eleven isn’t leaving it at that. While the chain waits for word from the White House on the possibility of a Slurpee Summit to bring both political parties together, it’s bringing a Slurpee tour directly to the people. Slurpee trucks will leave Dallas Friday for Washington, D.C., and share the “delicious drink” with the American people, as it makes tour stops at capital cities along the way.

Slurpee fans can show their patriotic colors by trying or mixing red, white or blue Slurpee drinks or show their unity by choosing the new flavor, “Purple for the People.” 

“Slurpee fans know that when you bring different flavors together the result is always better,” according to 7-Eleven.

To further commemorate President Obama’s momentous mention, 7-Eleven also is offering to install Slurpee machines at the White House and in Rep. Boehner’s office on Capitol Hill.




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