Rewards Integration At The Car Wash

Intelio Technologies inc., a self-service marketing provider, has developed an interface to allow the leading brands of car wash entry systems to interface with Kickback Rewards Systems (KRS).

The new interface allows car wash operators who utilize the Unitec Wash Select II or Ryko AMTT, Ryko AMTT CS and Intelio Activa entry systems to interface with KRS.  This also allows c-store operators to integrate their car wash with their customer reward solution to drive repeat business both inside the store and at the car wash.

It has been estimated that the Wash Select II and AMTT account for more than 60% of C-Store-based car wash entry systems.  “We wanted to provide c-store operators a low cost solution to allow them to integrate the car wash into the enterprise wide loyalty solution,” said John Carroll, president of Intelio.

“Historically operators had to largely exclude this profit center from their loyalty programs because of the lack of integration to the car wash payment kiosk,” added Pat Lewis, CEO of KRS. “Now, they will be able to affect the behaviors of their customers and drive profits.”

This new interface is bundled with broadband credit card processing and is available today for Unitec Wash Select II and Ryko AMTT customers for $2,995.  Intelio WashMAX customers will receive this new enhancement at no additional cost as part of the monthly hosting and maintenance program.





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