Premium E-Cigarette

Kretek International Inc. offers a new line of CIG2O (sig-two-oh) e-cigarette products. The CIG2O rechargeable water vapor cigarette was developed in the U. S. for Kretek by Spark Industries. CIG2O e-cigarettes was successfully launched in smoke shops early in 2010. The strength of adult consumer response led to the current nationwide roll out. The initial product line for c-stores includes regular tobacco and menthol flavors. The rechargeable unit runs about $25 and includes one e-cigarette and two atomizer refills, plus a USB charger that can be connected to a laptop computer or iPhone. Refill CIG2O cartomizers contain flavoring and nicotine in a solution of distilled filtered water and propylene glycol and come in three packs, along with power adapters, refills and battery units. Three cartomizer refills contain nicotine equal to about three packs of cigarettes and retail for a suggested price of $8.99.

Kretek International Inc.
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  1. Premium cigarettes are more expensive than normal e cigarette.These premium cigarette are same e cigarettes but different in style. These premium cigarettes are mostly used by rich people. U.S government launch these cigarette for rich people.

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