Convenience TV To Roll Out At 75 More Stores

Convenience TV Inc. has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Black Hat Distributing Co. LLC to have them sign 75 additional locations in Greater Los Angeles.

If successful, adding these additional 75 installations will bring the total number of locations to 103 in the Los Angeles area.

“We have projected that 100 or more locations in the greater Los Angeles area is what is required to generate substantial cash flow,” said President and CEO Norman Knowles. “With a larger advertising audience we believe the company can generate approximately $720 a month in revenue from each of the installation locations.”

Convenience TV is focused on the Convenience Store Industry and provides their clients with an “in-location” TV network. The Network is designed to deliver both entertaining content and targeted advertising on a demographic basis to each retail location. In addition, the Network delivers promotional advertising tied to products within the retail location. The programming can be up-dated quickly and is tailored to meet the specific clients’ need for increased sales, customer enjoyment and brand reinforcement.


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