LIFT Announces New Suggestive Selling Technology

LIFT Retail Marketing Technology has announced the launch of its LIFT Station platform—an integrated suggestive selling point-of-sale (POS) technology for convenience stores.

“We are excited to introduce this game-changing solution to the c-store industry. Retailers are looking to grow sales by being more shopper-relevant and the LIFT Station helps them do that like never before,” said Doug Kruep, CEO and Founder of LIFT. “When an item is scanned at the checkout counter, the LIFT Station performs real-time analytics, displays the most relevant up-sell offer to the shopper, and displays a selling script for the cashier. Today cashiers up-sell to fewer than 10 out of 100 shoppers-with the LIFT Station they can literally present an offer to every shopper.”

LIFT initiated the new platform with Parker’s Convenience Stores based in Savannah, Ga. “The LIFT Station has allowed us to up-sell to more shoppers using the right message and cashier selling script,” said Greg Parker, CEO of The Parker Cos. “We have seen a dramatic change in cashier performance and a significant increase in in-store sales.”

The LIFT Station is connected to the POS cash register system. When an item is scanned the platform identifies the best up-sell offer based on the promotional calendar, day-part, week-part, profitability, and natural purchase affinity. LIFT then displays a digital ad on a shopper-facing LCD flat screen and a selling script on a cashier-facing touch screen. The LIFT Station tracks and reports key metrics on cashier performance and offer effectiveness.


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