PDI provides software, hardware, and professional services to multi-unit convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum marketers. Worldwide, approximately 350 companies operating more than 23,000 locations rely on PDI’s systems for retail automation, supply-chain management, business intelligence, financial reporting, and employee selection and training.

PDI’s flagship product, PDI/Enterprise, reflects the best practices of over 250 PDI customers. PDI/Enterprise automates financial and retail operations for seamless enterprise-wide management and reporting. PDI/Enterprise is built to Do Business Electronically, a design philosophy that simultaneously reduces cost, increases accuracy, and simplifies user training; all resulting in higher profits and customer satisfaction.

PDI’s customer service is acknowledged as good as it gets. With more than 26 years of proven experience, PDI’s vision is continued merging of personal-touch service, state-of-the-art technologies, and customer-driven solutions.

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