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JT International U.S.A. (JTI) has introduced its newest brand: WINGS. A high-quality, American blend cigarette with a smooth flavor, WINGS is designed for today’s value-seeking adult smokers with its bold, premium packaging and attractive price. WINGS is available in six top-selling box styles, including Red, Gold and Menthol in King Size and 100’s. WINGS is 100% guaranteed, fully supported by JTI’s field sales force and features special introductory programs complimented by a full range of impactful point-of-sale materials. JTI’s brand portfolio also includes Export ‘A’ and Wave.

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  1. Vernon R Wollett III says:

    My Grand Father started smoking Wings in the early 30’s. I never knew that until several years ago when my 80 year old aunt saw what i was smoking an commented about smoking Red Wings. At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, then it hit me “Red Wings” I smoked Full Flavored Wings in a Red pack.

    My Grand Father smoked Wings for over 30 years and I have been smoking Wings for almost 20 years. I never met my Grand Father, but it’s kind of neat we found the same brand almost 40 years apart.

    I live in PA and Wings go for $5.15 per pack in smoke shops and $6.36 – $6.85 per pack in mini-marts. I shop at the smoke shop and buy cartons. PA keep hitting us for more and more TAX’s, then tells us we can’t smoke. Yet they need the tax dollars for free lunches and other free programs. They think smokers have a never ending cash-flo, they are wrong. I don’t mind paying but enuff is enuff.

    Thank You & Keep up the good work
    Vern Wollett a Loyal Customer

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