Family Express Adds Mobile App

Customers can download the Family Express mobile applications for Android, Blackberry or iPhone and link their F.E. Perks account to their device. This option allows Family Express customers an easy, quick alternative to grabbing their wallet or digging through their purse.

“Offering our customers a digital alternative to a traditional plastic card makes their transaction much easier and further differentiates Family Express from the crowded field of c-store alternatives,” said Bill Nolan, vice president of marketing.

Family Express, which operates stores through Northwest and Central Indiana, noted that the application is the first step in its larger marketing strategy to connect with customers on the go. Additionally, the c-store chain is developing “app only specials” and sending coupons to customer’s mobile devices, such as Twitter and Facebook, giving the chain an immediate connection with its customers.

Family Express has experienced growth tripling its social and mobile networking presence since launching the application in July.



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