Reduce Costs With Fuel Management Solution

Fuel management solution providers OPW Fuel Management Systems, a business unit of OPW, and FuelQuest Inc., are partnering to offer an end-to-end, centralized fuel network management solution.

Fuel operators can now enjoy the benefits of proactive tank monitoring integrated with fuel management automation software and services to reduce fuel costs, lower working capital requirements, and improve environmental compliance.

“Fuel operators face unique challenges in terms of procuring, monitoring, and managing fuel,” said Phil Carlin, president of OPW Fuel Management Systems. By combining forces, OPW and FuelQuest tackle these core fuel challenges by providing petroleum retailers and fleet operators with an opportunity to reduce fuel costs and remain business compliant, he added.

Under terms of the agreement, FuelQuest plans to leverage OPW’s innovative SiteSentinel iSite and iTouch tank gauges, 924B magnetostrictive probe and IntelliSense smart sensor technologies to provide accurate, real-time tank inventory levels and sump monitoring to its advanced ForeSite real-time, inventory management solution; Fuel Center outsourced fuel management services; and Alarm Management Services.

“The OPW SiteSentinel iSite is a truly innovative tank gauge and the perfect complement to our suite of FuelQuest fuel management solutions,” adds Matt Tormollen, FuelQuest president and CEO. “Together, we offer retail petroleum marketers and fleet operators the only solution that unites the strengths of premier tank monitoring technology and industry-leading fuel management automation to improve operational excellence, environmental compliance, and, ultimately, profitability.”

OPW’s SiteSentinel iSite is an intuitive, icon-based tank gauge system featuring information at point-of-use through a unique 15-inch touch-screen console, multi-drop probe and sensor capability, wireless, internet, and SQL-based connectivity that allows users to conveniently access and view real-time information about their sites online from anywhere at anytime.

FuelQuest is the industry standard in fuel management automation. ForeSite provides real-time views into fuel inventory, alerting users based on inventory conditions and forecasted demand. ForeSite reduces run-outs and retains as well as enables improved fuel purchasing decision-making. Fuel Center, an outsourced fuel management service, optimizes and directs all fuel management activities – from supplier and distributor selection and procurement to dispatch, inventory management, and invoice reconciliation. Alarm Management Services triages tank alarms to help mitigate environmental risks and improve compliance with local, regional, state, and federal requirements.


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