Tidel Releases Sentinel SCD-XL

Carrollton, Texas -based Tidel Engineering L.P. has announced its newest Sentinel Cash Management module, the Tidel Sentinel SCD-XL (Sentinel Control Device – extra long cassette).

The Sentinel SCD-XL stores approximately 4,500 U.S. notes within a two-cassette cabinet, thus doubling the note capacity that has been available in the industry for many years. The SCD-XL offers single note feeders or bulk note feeders to meet customers’ individual requirements.

“Our customers asked us to increase validated note capacity, and we responded with the addition of the SCD Sidecar.  Now with the new SCD-XL, we can double capacity in a single cabinet, which is only 14 inches wide.  The SCD-XL will add 100% additional capacity for a very small incremental cost,” said Ed Grondahl, executive vice president of  global sales at Tidel.

The SCD-XL validates notes and stores them in cassettes within the safe cabinet until they are removed and taken to the bank. The new Sentinel SCD-XL module adds even more combinations of intelligent safes for our customers.  Today, Tidel provides its customers more than 100 configurations of cash management equipment.






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