Deli Express Expands Donation Program

Deli Express a supplier of hot and cold sandwiches recently made a 2010 second quarter donation of $50,745 to the National Military Family Association, surpassing $250,000 in total donations to the organization, which is dedicated to serving family members of military service members.

Deli Express has been donating a portion of sales of its hot and cold sandwiches and bakery items sold overseas in Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Shoppettes (on-base convenience stores) since 2006. This year, the company expanded its donation program to include AAFES Shoppettes domestically. With the worldwide program expansion, Deli Express expects to donate an additional $100,000 to the National Military Family Association yet this year.

Deli Express donations on behalf of AAFES contributed to the Association’s military spouse scholarship program, which has awarded 560 scholarships to military spouses since 2004, and contributed to Operation Purple summer camps, which is hosting 10,000 children of deployed service members this year at 68 camps throughout the U.S., Guam and Germany.

“Military families make great sacrifices when their loved ones serve our country here and abroad, and it is our mission to strengthen and protect them,” said Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association. “We are privileged to have the support of companies like Deli Express that make it possible for us to fulfill that mission.”

“It is an honor to give back to the U.S. military service members who leave their friends and families and risk their lives to protect us,” said Tom Sween, president of Deli Express. “We are pleased that we were able to expand our donation program this year. And we are delighted that our donations have made a difference in the lives of so many U.S. military families.”






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