Tri Star Adds Digital Merchandising

Nashville, Tenn.-based Tri Star Energy has partnered with GoGo Cast Inc., a provider of dynamic content and digital merchandising in the digital out of home (DOOH) space, to install GoGo Cast’s high definition Go-Screen at its 228 company-owned and dealer retail locations.

GoGo Cast’s high definition Go-Screen’s are expected to provide Tri-Star customers with meaningful and informative content while delivering unique customer and location data. The elite digital displays reach a captive in-store audience conveying the right messages at the right time to help influence buying decisions directly at the point-of-purchase.

The screens are set to provide Tri-Star customers with content that enhances the store experience and helps them make smart purchasing decisions and have a greater awareness of sale prices and special promotions. Vendors will benefit from an additional opportunity to highlight key selling points, complementing traditional point-of-purchase advertising.

“GoGo Cast’s digital merchandising program reaches far beyond anything we have seen in this space,” said Steven Hostetter CEO at Tri Star, LLC. “We look forward to increasing our customers shopping experience and building greater customer loyalty for all our vendors’ brands.”

The agreement between GoGo Cast and Tri Star calls for installation of Go-Screen’s digital displays in the majority of its 228 company-owned and dealer convenience store locations by the end of the third quarter 2010.

“I am very excited to be working with Tri Star to deploy a new and elite in-store program for their retail locations,” said David Paolo, president and CEO of GoGo Cast. “Our networks ability to deliver real-time, dynamic content makes GoGo Cast the venue of choice for retailers and brands alike to reach a critical mass of qualified buyers.”




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