Mello Yello Goes Retro

Since the summers of disco, tie dye and 1970s cool, Mello Yello has offered a citrus flavor to chill any hot summer day. Starting this summer, Mello Yello is going back to its roots with a remixed version of its original package design. While Mello Yello has been widely available in the Midwest and Southeast U.S., Mello Yello fans can expect to find the brand in new places like Philadelphia and the Northwest as early as this summer. The new look, created by New York-based design agency Stag & Hare, features the original playful tilt of the green and orange logo, but now with the pair of double “L”s strolling off the edge of the can. Bubbles of citrus flavor and stylized fruit images float in the signature yellow background behind the Mello Yello logo. The soft drink will be rolling out with the new packaging in two-liter bottles, Fridge Packs and 20-ounce PET bottles in all markets, as well as 16-ounce PET bottles and 20-can packs.

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