Gas Station TV Hits 26 Million Monthly Impressions

Gas Station TV, a national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience, reached 26 million monthly Nielsen-verified fueling impressions this month, at a time when traditional home broadcast television is hitting historic record low viewership.

For more than two years, Gas Station TV has been delivering Nielsen Pocketpieces to the advertising community. Next month’s report is expected to reflect GSTV’s steady climb from 26 million (this month) to 27 million monthly fueling impressions via new stations coming online this week.

“Gas Station TV continues to demonstrate its leadership in away-from-home television measurement,” stated Paul Lindstrom, SVP Nielsen Media Research. “GSTV pioneered not only measurement in the gas digital media space, but individual market measurement for all Nielsen On Location companies.”

Gas Station TV’s Pocketpiece reports are presented in a format common to all Nielsen-measured networks, including traditional television networks. The reports define standard Nielsen-provided analytics to support the planning, buying and post-buy evaluation of the Gas Station TV network.






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