Radiant and epay Join Forces

epay, a division of Euronet Worldwide Inc. and a prepaid and payments processor in the U.S., is integrating with Radiant Systems to offer its prepaid and payments program through the Radiant Point of Sale for Petroleum and Convenience Retail.

The Spinx Co. headquartered in Greenville, S.C., was the first retailer to transact on this newly integrated platform.

“At Spinx, our mission is to make our customer’s lives easier so we’re excited to be the first Radiant client to implement the integrated activation of epay’s prepaid products through Radiant’s POS platform,” stated Stan Storti, chief marketing officer of Spinx. “Eliminating the dial-up peripheral device previously required to activate prepaid cards enables Spinx to meet our customer’s expectations of fast service while also simplifying our associates lives so they can focus on providing the friendly service we constantly seek to deliver.”

The integration with Radiant allows any retailer using the Radiant Point of Sale to easily add the epay program to their existing system with no additional hardware or expenses. In addition to taking epay’s full product offering via the Radiant integration, retailers can now offer pay-at-the-pump functionality for proprietary gift cards. Retailers have been increasingly interested in offering their proprietary gift cards at the pump, as it is a cost effective alternative from credit cards and the corresponding fees charged to retailers.

“We are excited to complete this integration project in partnership with Radiant and Spinx,” said John Shaw, vice president of sales and account management at epay. “This integration offers more product functionality to consumers by offering proprietary gift card payments at the pump and will lead to additional enhancements such as loyalty programs to further strengthen the proprietary gift card product. This integration also eliminates the need for a separate point of sale device for prepaid transactions, which benefits the retailer in cash reconciliation and accounting functions.”

Radiant and epay invested a significant amount of time to make this integration launch-ready, which included designing the sale of prepaid products on the touch screen and formatting the messages between the POS and host. The integration has a unique quality in the fact that it was created to be flexible enough to implement new products in the future without having to upgrade the software before deployment.

“Radiant is always looking to add value for our customers, especially by helping them increase sales,” said Jimmy Frangis vice president of the petroleum and convenience retail division at Radiant Systems. “Our integration with epay will enable our clients to offer an easy-to-use prepaid product line to their customers.”

Additional benefits to the retailer include ease of training, superior reporting and enhanced cash reconciliation. Training is made easier for cashiers as they don’t have to learn a new point of sale system to sell prepaid products -all transactions occur through the store’s POS. Prepaid transactions are more easily tracked and reconciled, saving store associates time and giving management more control over cash reconciliations each day.

The integration between epay and Radiant also allows customers to redeem their gift cards at the dispenser, which is another critical customer expectation Spinx is now able to meet as an issuer of its own prepaid card.




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