Sheetz Opens Haynes Street Store

Sheetz opened a new store yesterday on Haynes Street in Johnstown, Pa., but motorists will have to wait a while to service their cars at the new gas station.  

The store still has to have new underground tanks installed before its gas business can be up and running, a process that is expected to take about 10 weeks, the Tribune-Democrat reported. The new convenience store is replacing a previous store on the Franklin side of the lot, which is now being demolished by work crews. Crews also must remove old gas pumps and tanks, while installing the new gas system.  The big undertaking might make shopping a little less convenient, but only for a short while.

While work is underway, “it will be a little difficult to get in and out of and a little difficult to find parking,” said David Hazelet, Sheetz real estate director.

Sheetz has been on Haynes Street since 1989, but its property now reaches from Franklin to Napoleon streets. When the construction is complete, the new store will boast more square footage, more employees, two additional gas-pumping stations and more parking. The larger footprint will allow the chain to devote more space to foodservice.

“Other than gas, prepared food is the biggest-selling category,” Hazelet told the Tribune-Democrat. “We’ve made a tremendous investment in downtown Johnstown,” he added. “And we’re planning on being there for a long time to come.”

While Sheetz gets its Haynes Street store up and running, it also is beginning construction on another new Sheetz store on Goucher Street in Lower Yoder Township, Pa. The new, larger store is set to replace a much smaller store that has operated on the lot December 1982.

Hazelet said he expects the new Goucher store to open by late fall.






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