Fallout Continues After BP Stops Spill

Even as BP Corp. has announced that it had succeeded in its attempt to choke off the flow of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, gas stations with BP branded gas continue to experience backlash from consumers angry over the disaster.

In Bay Minette, Ala., yesterday a BP gas station was vandalized-with angry messages scrawled on the storefront of the Driftwood convenience store, as well as disturbing messages spray-painted on each pump and the sidewalk, FoxNews10 reported.

The owners told Fox10 News, they wish customers would redirect their anger toward corporate BP who caused the oil spill, as the franchise is not managed by the corporation. The two managers also are upset at BP for the drop in monthly sales.

“I just give everybody good service. This is not BP’s store, this is my store,” said owner Savita Kakaeia.

Switching to another gas brand is too expensive for a station struggling anyway in a down economy, and while the owner is considering selling the store, these days buyers don’t want a gas station with BP’s name on it. For now, the store will remain closed. 



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