Flying J Loses Beer License

A Flying J truck stop in Sioux Falls, S.D., has lost its alcohol license after it was caught selling alcohol to minors four times in the last five years, Keloland TV reported. 

The Sioux Falls City Council decided Monday night not to renew the store’s beer license. 

“I know of many other businesses down here that sell liquor every day and those people are not down here. They do not have four violations in five years,” Sioux Falls City Council member Bob Litz told Keloland TV

While this morning customers won’t find alcohol inside the c-store, the inconvenience may not last long. Flying J has just been bought out by Pilot Travel Centers, and Pilot plans to ask the council for a new beer license for that store.

One official with Pilot assured the council Monday that new requirements will change the way alcohol is sold at the store-employees will have to enter the buyer’s birthday into the computer at the time of sale.

“This step will stop that from happening because now it forces them to enter the date,” said Roger Packer with Pilot Travel Centers.

While the council wanted to send a message Monday that alcohol sales to minors won’t be tolerated, Pilot Travel Centers wanted new owners to know it won’t tolerate underage sales either. 

“We want to make a statement that we’re behind this and we want to do what we need to. I’ve received calls from our senior vice-president of operations to make sure we’re following protocols and doing the things we can,” Packer Keloland TV.

The council next week is expected to vote on whether they expect underage sales will continue at the store or if they believe Pilot can eliminate the problem. 

While beer sales are currently not available at the convenience store, the Sioux Falls Flying J can still sell alcohol in its restaurant.






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