Wake Up Sales


Energize profit margins with new Peptime Mini-Whites, a safe and effective caffeine stimulant from DMD Pharmaceuticals that gives users a jump-start when they need it most. Peptime Mini-Whites help restore mental alertness when one is experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. With Peptime Mini-White, users will eliminate their coffee and cola intake and be back at it—-whether that means work, study or play. Each tablet of Peptime Mini-White contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, about as much as a cup of coffee. Peptime Mini-White is available in 6-count packets that retailfor 99¢ and 36-count bottles that retail for $4.99. Peptime Mini-White is a line extension of DMDs Peptime brands that have been available for over 15 years, a brand with name recognition that consumers value and trust for their quality and effectiveness.

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