Upgrading No-Brainer


MarkVII Equipment LLC announces that carwash operators can replace their existing system with a loaded AquaJet GT-300—complete with installation—for $69,999. Many operators are trying to squeeze more life out of aging systems, but maintaining old technology comes at a high cost. AquaJet GT-300, which isbuilt on the same gantry technology platform as Mark VII’s more expensive carwash models, provides many of the same features as those models but at an entry level price that makes the upgrade decision easier. The promotional price of $69,999 includes the following: AquaJet GT-300 carwash system with stainless steel skins, AquaDri E-20i on-board or F-30 off-board dryer, clearcoat, undercarriage wash,wheel wash applicator system, spot-free rinse controls and installation (normal scope of work). Customers can save even more by adding the optional combination package of HubScrub and ColorShine/Tri-Foam for only $10,999—a 15% savingsoff list price. HubScrub is Mark VII’s unique wheel brush system that effectively cleans the wide array of wheel surfaces found on modern vehicles while maintaininga touch-free wash on painted surfaces. The promotion is available on systems purchased through Dec. 31, 2005 from participating Mark VII distributors in the U.S. only.

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