Three-Way Car Cleaning


D& S Car Wash Equipment Co. introduces a new Tri Gloss showerhead application system for its line of D & S 5000 touchless automatic carwash systems. The new application system provides an extremely foamy, sudsy lather with greater consistency and with better air and chemical utilization. Tri Gloss, designed to maintain and preserve clear-coat surfaces, is a unique, high-quality polymer silicone foam polish in bright pink, blue and yellow that produces the ultimate in beauty, protection and enhanced customer appeal. D & S 5000 with Tri Gloss operators interested in upgrading to the new showerhead application systemcan purchase a retro fit kit which includes three showerhead assemblies, foam generator, hose, hose barbs & clamps and detailed installation manual with step-by-step instructions. The upgrade kit converts all units with Tri Glossmulti-color foaming conditioner to a new showerhead design that mounts on the D & S 5000 gantry. A redesigned Tri Gloss system featuring the new showerhead applicator is also available for non-Tri Gloss D & S 5000 systems. For more information from D & S Car Wash Equipment Co., 800-844-3442


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