That’s the ticket


Lottery Tools popular Lucky Ticket Scratcher, which makes scratching lottery tickets easier, is now available in five new colors: Tangerine Orange, Lemon Yellow,Plum

Purple, Cherry Red and Lime Green. The lightweight compact tool prevents broken fingernails when scratching tickets and replaces awkward coins, clumsy car keys and dangerous blades. Lucky Ticket Scratcher has a contemporary, sleek look with a textured grip that makes it comfortable to hold and use. It is made of an unbreakable glass-composite material with a self-sharpening, scraping edge that guarantees a lifetime of use. The tools edge has been specifically designed to remove lottery ticket coatings without damaging the ticket, allowing players to cleanly scrape off small and large areas of any lottery ticket with ease. Logos can be imprinted on Lucky Ticket Scratchers for a popular cost-effectivepromotion that builds brand recognition every time a customer scratches theirlottery ticket. Lucky Ticket Scratcher tools are airport safe and have a suggested price of $1.39.

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