Tea Made Easy


The BUNN Tea Concentrate Dispensers, TCD-1 and TCD-2, offer an alternative to brewing fresh tea by dispensing iced tea from concentrate. Most commercially available tea concentrates will work with the TCD, which will accept either a 1-gallon jug or bag-in-box product. This non-electrical dispenser uses a venturi valveto create a siphon to pull product through to the mixing valve. The concentrate is then mixed with water and dispensed over ice at a water-to-concentrate ratio ranging from 5:1 to 15:1. A built-in pressure regulator provides consistent product-to-water ratio and the side offset handles make it easy for side-by-side placement. Retailers also save space with the TCD, which is only 22.9-inches (58.2 centimeters) high, 12.8-inches (32.5 centimeters) wide, and 18.1-inches (46 centimeters) deep. A 20-to-90 psi (138-621kPa) water connection is all that is required to operate this dispenser.

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