Stick To It


Old Wisconsin Sausage Co. unveils four new products to complement the sausage maker’s extensive line of handcrafted sausages: 8-ounce Snacker Stackers in Pepperoni & Beef flavors, 4-ounce Beef Snack Sticks and the single-serving Beef & Cheese Stick and Beef & Jalapeno Cheese Stick. Snacker Stackers in Pepperoni & Beef Flavors come in 8-ounce portions that taste delicious on their own or combined with cheese, crackers, olives and other items. The Ziplock, resealable package keeps the product fresh. Beef Snack Sticks are 4-ounce of superior quality beef that have a unique taste from natural spices and real hardwood smoke. The 1.75-ounce Beef & Cheese Sticks are individually wrapped.

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