Spicy Package


Tuxedo Chilis single serving salsa in a bag allows consumers to enjoy a fresh serving of salsa any time. Tuxedo Chili developed the product line to appeal to today’s on-the-go customer. These convenience-sized bags are the perfect accompaniment for a quick meal in the car or on the run—or for the consumer who simply wants to enjoy gourmet salsa at home, but doesnt want to commit to a whole jar. Salsa in a Pouch is available in medium Roasted Green Chili & Garlic or hot Habanero, with more flavors coming soon. As with all Tuxedo Chili products, these new condiments are 100% natural, contain no MSG, added sugar or preservatives and can be stored at room temperature. The 3.4-ounce single-serve salsas are a product of the USA.

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