Software solution

Software solution

ReflectSystems Inc. introduces ReflectView 1.5, which allows retailers to distribute,track and manage their instore and point-of-purchase multimedia content. ReflectViewenables retailers to convert existing media content from DVDs, tapes, CDs andcompressed digital media into audio/video files playable on digital signageboth inside and outside the store. The network-based product allows users toeasily load content onto a central server, then manage content use through aconvenient user-interface that includes drag-and-drop playlists. By seamlesslyintegrating with KenCast’s Fazzt, ReflectView now gives users the ability tomanage the entire content distribution, organization, playback and reportingprocess through a single application. KenCast’s Fazzt satellite-based digitaldelivery system can reliably deliver large files to authorized computers, atthousands of remote sites, more quickly and conveniently.

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