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Conweds Vexar Flex Liner with antimicrobial protection additive provides an odor-resistant liner thats more durable and versatile than other non-skid liners. FlexLiner is made with Silver Zinc Zeolite, whose silver ions inhibit microbes from growing, respirating or reproducing. This additive is FDA/FCN compliant for food contact and NSF certified for food equipment applications. In addition to being antimicrobial, Flex Liner can be used in cases and displays as well as in freezers, where it won’t become brittle or rigid. The same specially blended resin that resists cold also performs in hot environments, preventing the netting from sticking to metal surfaces. FlexLiner anchors food and other goods in place, preventingslippage even on angled surfaces while providing a cushion to protect produce and other fragile merchandise. Flex Liners open-mesh construction also makes washing easier and more effective. Liners are available in 36-inch x 62-inch rolls, and come in standard colors—black, green and red. Additional colors are available upon request.

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