Piccadilly Circus Pizza

Piccadilly Circus Pizza

This new program from one of the nation’s premier conveniencestore pizza providers is specifically targeted to establishments that find spaceand personnel at a premium. Unlike the company’s flagship "Fresh-made" program,in which it provides pre-mixed dough and fresh ingredients to stores, the Freezer-to-Ovenprogram is aimed at c-stores that have a limited number of personnel or don’thave the resources to devote to specialized equipment. Products include personal-sized,pretopped pizzas and pre-sauced, pre-cheesed family-size carryout pizzas, whichstores can then finish with the customer’s choice of toppings.

Contact information: Piccadilly Circus Pizza
c/o Land Mark Products Inc.
1007 Okoboji Ave.
PO Box 188
Milford, IA 51351
Contact: Jerry Ryker, Senior Vice President, General Manager


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